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The YourCannabisAmerica delivery platform allows registered medical marijuana patients along with others to receive their cannabis based care, Hemp and CBD products within the safety and convenience of their own home.

Cannabis Online Delivery:  Facts You Should Know

As the use of medical marijuana is becoming more widespread, it might interest you to know more about how cannabis online delivery works.  We bring this page to you answer everything you wanted to know about marijuana… but were afraid to ask.

Cannabis online delivery fun facts…

Marijuana is derived from the shredded flowers and leaves of the hemp plant known as cannabis.  Although the term “cannabis” is the scientific and worldwide accepted term, most people know this substance as marijuana.  Of course, slang terms such as pot, hash, weed and ganja all are just other terms for the same substance.

The primary ingredient in cannabis is TCH, and it’s the chemical that produces a mind alternating effect.  Although having had a reputation for druggies to get high, there are a multitude of studies that point to healing effects for this drug above all others.

For example, the use of medical marijuana has been known to block the enzyme which causes Alzheimer’s, thereby being a possible preventative for that disease.  Furthermore, medical marijuana is now widely accepted treatment for aids, glaucoma, cancer, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and chronic pain.

And, here’s a fun fact… between the years of 1850 to 1942, cannabis was listed in the USA pharmacopeia as useful medicine for nausea and labor pains and easily obtained and local general store or pharmacy!

But what about the possibility of overdose with marijuana edibles?

You might have heard about possible dangers of overdose.  The fact is that there are zero reported deaths due to marijuana overdose, since you would need to actual ingest 1500 pounds in 15 minutes for an overdose to occur.  The misconception comes from people who are unaware that marijuana edibles need to be eaten a couple of hours prior to feeling the effects of the drug. Even if a person where to smoke 800 joints to get negative results, any death would actually be due to carbon monoxide poisoning rather than the TCH itself.  This is why many enjoy the health benefits of marijuana edibles because of its overall safety in leaving out the smoke inhalation.

What kinds of side effects should occur with your cannabis online delivery?

The priority mind alternating ingredient in marijuana is THC.  This ingredient, whether through smoke, vaporizer or food, is likely to result in the following side effects:

  • Loss of inhibition
  • Distorted sense of time
  • Increased visual sensitivity
  • Heightened imagination


Although millions of people have taken to the use of marijuana for the side effects, this drug has been known as a “cure-all” for centuries.  In fact, the first recorded use of this medication was in 2737 BC; where the Chinese emperor designated the use of cannabis as effective in treating pain.  Additionally, during the temperance movement in the 1890’s, it was recommended by doctors to be used as a substitute for alcohol, since it notoriously does not lead to domestic violence like alcohol.

But is it legal to buy marijuana edibles online?

While still viewed as a controlled substance, 13 American states currently have laws in place to allow for regular medical use.  Additionally, 17 states including Washington, DC have legislated to recognize the value of medical marijuana.

Currently, it is actually legal to buy marijuana edibles online.  What makes it legal?  “Your Cannabis America” makes sure it’s legal because you will need to be pre-screened by our professional staff.  It’s not like ordering on EBay.  You will first need to enter your information and provide the doctor’s recommendation.  Marijuana edibles online delivery happens only once you have been screened as a valid customer based on being compliant with the Health and Safety Code 11362.5 and the Attorney General’s instruction for cannabis treatment and delivery.  Once you register, however, you’re in as a legal customer and future orders are easy breezy.

For more information about the legality factor, simply check out are FAQ page here.

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Of course, there’s way more to medical marijuana than weed edibles…

Your Cannabis America can provide several other ways of ingesting marijuana legally:

Weed vaporizer instant relief…

Many have decided to use a vaporizer for instant relief, because you don’t have the dangers of carcinogens from smoke inhalation, and the pain relief is instant, because you don’t have to wait two hours for effects to kick in.  Check out the details of how a marijuana vaporizer works on this page.  Out of the 22.5 million people who are using medical marijuana daily, more and more are turning to the herb vaporizer for instant relief.

Weed Vaporizer

Buy hemp oil for instant relief…

More and more “health nuts” are turning to buying hemp oil for the health benefits:

  • Stress and Anxiety Reduction
  • Improved Quality of Sleep
  • Appetite Stimulant
  • Aid to Digestion
  • Pain Reducer
  • Prevention for some Cancers
  • Strengthens Heart Heath
  • Skin Protection

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Cannabis online delivery is not only possible and legal, it’s easy!

Simply check out our full menu of services, and join today!

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The YourCannabisAmerica delivery platform allows registered medical marijuana patients along with others to receive their cannabis based care, Hemp and CBD products within the safety and convenience of their own home.